Dancing with Smurfs Cherry Tomato Hydroponic Seeds

Dancing with Smurfs Cherry Tomato Hydroponic Seeds

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Dancing with Smurfs is a fun indeterminate tomato variety to grow originally bred by Tom Wagner and we think it is a great tasting indigo tomato! They start out as a lime green color and slowly turn to red with purple shoulders near where they attach to the stem. If left even longer, more indigo forms to cover the flesh of the tomato.

This particular seed has been adapted to grow in a hydroponic system and is best suited to grow in that kind of system / environment.  We do not recommend this seed for growing in soil unless you live in a region that gets a lot of rain fall. Would work on the lower level of a Tower Garden FLEX, Farm Stand or Bato Bucket system with a support trellis on the side.  


This tomato variety is rich in anthocyanin, the same antioxidant found in blueberries. This natural occurring pigment has been shown to fight disease and exhibits a vibrant indigo blue in fruits and vegetables. 


Dancing with Smurfs tomatoes are best fresh, straight from the vine as a snack. They are also a lovely splash of color to add to summer salads.

Q: What does "Hydroponic Seeds" in the product description mean? [Answer]

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• Indeterminate CherryTomato Variety
• Hydroponic-Adapted Seed:
  Recommended for Hydroponic | Aeroponic | Aquaponic growing conditions
• Grown using organic growing practices on our farm
• Hydroponic Growers: Plant 1 seed p/ 1.5” rock wool cube
• Grow outside, full sun, during the warm season (nightly temps above 65ºF)
• Seed has been fermented & tested for ideal germination
• Open Field and Hand Pollinated
• 85 Days to Maturation
• Approximately 12 seeds p/packet

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