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Know Who Grows Your Seed

Who We Are

Grow Your Health Gardening (GYHG) is a family-run small farm located west of Atlanta, Georgia (Zone 7). We are not seed brokers (someone who buys and sells seeds to turn a quick buck, grown from who knows where and under what conditions) — we are seed stewards. We grow every seed we sell and have a personal relationship with our product and our customers. As seed stewards, we strive to produce the best and healthiest plants using organic growing practices.


We are unique from other seed providers in that in addition to growing in soil, we specialize in growing hydroponic-adapted seed. We take soil-based plants from good genetic stock and grow these plants out for several seasons in hydroponic conditions, thereby adapting them to a new growing environment — a process known as epigenetics. (Did you know your seed stores 5+ years of adaptation history in it’s DNA?) For the hydroponic grower, this means that our seed will especially thrive in your growing conditions. (And yes, if you’re wondering, you can still grow hydroponic-adapted seed in soil just fine and will grow healthy plants.)


Owner and Lead Grower, Erin Castillo, seeks out unusual varieties that have special health or medicinal benefits and then we invest in quality seed stock with good genetic diversity. We look specifically for organically-grown heirloom, non-GMO, and open source seed varieties. We adapt these resilient varieties to the Southeast climate in either hydroponic or soil growing conditions depending on the kind of plant and what best suits it’s growing needs. With careful planning and attention to ISOs (isolation distances), we plant a limited number of varieties with the intention of maintaining seed purity. We are not in any way associated with Monsanto or any other seed altering corporation.


We take pride in our seeds and want healthy seed stock to feed our large family for generations to come and to be a blessing to those we sell to on GrowYourHealthGardening.com.


What We Do

Mother and son team, Erin and Joshua (pictured above), have extensive combined training and experience in growing food in soil and hydroponics.


Erin is certified in hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, seeds starting, organics and more. She has been growing hydroponically for over seven plus years along with her son and Assistant Grower, Joshua, who has received formal growing training in soil-based growing and propagation. Both are graduates of the SSE Seed Savers School and GYHG is a proud member of the Seed Savers Exchange. 


Erin Castillo is also an official Tower Garden Rep and you can learn more about growing hydroponically at erincastillo.towergarden.com


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Grow Your Health Gardening exists to educate, encourage and equip others in learning how to grow their own food in order to lead healthier lives. 

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