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What Others are Saying about GYHG Seed Co.

I am excited to tell you that I have a new seed supplier I can recommend to you all! Food Fight member (and good friend!) Erin Castillo has been growing and developing strong seed stock for hydroponic systems for the last several years. ... I am thrilled to be able to add her to the list of seed providers that I recommend!

Leah B. | @FoodFight

I've started some of your lettuce and dwarf cherry tomato seeds from my previous order—they're sprouting & doing great! Can't wait to add them to my Tower Garden! Thanks so much for offering your seeds!

Gabrielle H. | Las Vegas, NV

Thank you so much! I really do appreciate your help and awesome customer service! I placed another order with another company and never received my seeds and they will not reply either. The difference between you two is night and day. You can be sure I will be ordering from you again and will be happy to recommend you to others!

Rebecca B | Huntsville, AL

Great packaging! I really appreciated the handwritten note and the free sheet of pest repellent plants. I'm actually gonna get a Catnip plant because of it! Very informative! Seeds look good!

Roswell R. | Dallas, TX

She has a great Etsy page as well as a Website ... I'm so glad I found Grow Your Health Gardening!

Mary Ellen | @MaryEllen_Home

This shipped quickly and came with a ton of useful information. I realize it’s a bit late to start from seed, BUT I JUST HAVE TO NOW. The beauty of these dwarf (tomato) varieties is that I can keep them inside. :) I’m pumped!


Seeds were packaged well, arrived quickly, and have already sprouted 😊

A. Strauwald | San Diego, CA

Thank you for your seeds!
Your seeds were the only ones that germinated right away out of everything we tried to start from seed.

Dana S.| Kennesaw, GA

Arrived quickly and the three I planted all sprouted! Very pleased 😊

Siri M | Murfreesboro, TN

We grow every seed we sell.

We are seed stewards, not seed brokers.
We grow the parent plants that produce our non-GMO heirloom and open-source seed.

We nurture our seed stock from germination to harvest, taking great pride in growing our own premium seed stock using organic growing methods to feed our family of 7 and others like yours.

We know that every season we grow and collect our seed, it genetically gets stronger as our plants adapt epigenetically to everything they experience.

What's more, because we grow our own seed stock, we can grow our favorite varieties in not only soil, but also hydroponically. That means you can get the right seed that matches your growing needs setting you up for success with healthy strong and nutritious plants. Nutritious plants = healthy you!

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