Lemon Cucumber Heirloom Seeds

Lemon Cucumber Heirloom Seeds

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Our Lemon Cucumber Heirloom Seeds have been adapted to grow in the Southeast region and stand up to heat and humidity of the south. These are fun cucumbers to grow and a conversation starter. We like to scoop out the center seeds and make tuna boats with them for the kids! They love that!

It was named after it's look alike to the lemon, but this has no citrus taste — just tastes like a cucumber. If tennis balls would have been around at the turn of the 19th century when these were named, I'm sure it would have been called the Tennis Ball Cucumber instead. No matter the name, you'll have fun growing these unique cucumbers!


• Heirloom Cucumber Variety
• Grown using organic growing practices on our farm
• Grow outside, full sun, during the warm season (nightly temps above 65ºF)
• Seed has been tested for ideal germination
• Open Field and Hand Pollinated
• 70-80 Days to Maturation
• Approx. 15 seeds p/packet

Grow your health gardening and jazz up your lunches with lemon cucumber!