Red Swan Hydroponic-Adapted Bush Beans
Red Swan Hydroponic-Adapted Bush Beans
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Red Swan Bush Beans Hydroponic Seeds

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Red Swan Bush Beans are a newer variety and an open-pollinated bean originally bred out of a cross between a pinto and a purple podded bean making for a delicious dual-purpose bean. It can be used as a fresh snap bean when young and as a shelled bean when fully mature. The can be eaten fresh, pickled, blanched, or the beans dried at maturity and stored as a dried bean. This variety has productive high yields and we love the flavor. Best of all — this bush bean is beautiful to grow!

This particular Red Swan Bush Bean seed has been adapted to grow in a hydroponic or aeroponic growing system.  This means a stronger and healthier plant if you grow it in hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic system like the Tower Garden FLEX.  This Red Swan Bush Bean plant can be grown indoors under grow lights or outdoors during the cool season (nights above 65ºF and daytime temps between 60ºF and 80ºF ideal) for optimum growth. It does well in a hydroponic system due to consistent watering. If growing in soil, be sure this plant gets adequate watering during bloom phase especially.

Q: What does "Hydroponic Seeds" in the product description mean? [Answer]


• 55 Days for Snap | 100 Days for Shelling
• Hydroponic-Adapted Seed:
   Recommended for Hydroponic | Aeroponic | Aquaponic growing conditions
• Grown using organic growing practices on our farm
• Hydroponic Growers: Plant 2 seeds p/ 1.5"rock wool cube
• Grow outside, full sun, during the warm season (nightly temps above 65ºF)
• Open Field and Hand Pollinated
• Approximately 16 seeds p/packet

Grow your health gardening with these amazing tasting and pretty beans!