Greek Basil Herbs Hydroponic Seeds

Greek Basil Herbs Hydroponic Seeds

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Greek Basil is commonly used among chefs for it's small fine-leaf basil profile that easily can be added to dishes with minimal chopping. It tends to be more pungent than other basil varieties. With a little bit of proper pruning, you can double your harvests as it grows in a near round bush habit.

This particular Greek Basil Seed has adapted to grow in a hydroponic system which will mean a stronger and healthier plant if you grow it in a hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic system like the Tower Garden FLEX. This plant can be grown indoors under grow lights or outdoors during the warm season (nights above 65ºF and daytime temps between 70ºF and 80ºF ideal) for optimum growth.


Greek Basil is a delight for chefs — the smaller leaves make for a quick pick and tossing into a dish that calls for basil without having to do much (if any) dicing.  We especially like it on pizzas with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

Q: What does "Hydroponic Seeds" in the product description mean? [Answer]


• Hydroponic-Adapted Seed:
  Recommended for Hydroponic | Aeroponic | Aquaponic growing conditions
• Grown using organic growing practices on our farm
• Hydroponic Growers: Plant 2 seeds p/ 1.5” rock wool cube
• Grow outside, full sun, during the warm season (nightly temps above 65ºF)
• Can be grown inside under grow lights (with temps above 70ºF) 
• Seed has been tested for ideal germination
• Open Field
• 70-80 Days to Maturation
• Approx. 20 seeds p/packet

Grow your health gardening and add beautiful basil flavor to your dishes with Greek Basil!