Hahm’s Gelbe Micro-Dwarf Cherry Tomato Hydroponic Seeds (Sneak Peak)

Hahm’s Gelbe Micro-Dwarf Cherry Tomato Hydroponic Seeds (Sneak Peak)

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Hahm’s Gelbe Micro Dwarf Cherry Tomato is a determinate (fixed height) tomato variety and stays around 10" tall making it ideal for small space gardening or in pots. These plants, in particular, were grown hydroponically, so they have already adapted to hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic growing conditions and do extremely well in a vertical garden Tower Garden, Farm Stand or the Aerogarden.

They have a good amount of flesh for being such tiny tomatoes and their flavor is very surprisingly sweet with a slight acid touch.

Q: What does "Hydroponic Seeds" in the product description mean? [Answer]

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• Determinate Micro-Dwarf Tomato Variety
• Hydroponic-Adapted Seed:
   Recommended for Hydroponic | Aeroponic | Aquaponic growing conditions
• Grown using organic growing practices on our farm
• Hydroponic Growers: Plant 1 seed p/ 1.5” rock wool cube
• Grow outside, full sun, during the warm season (nightly temps above 65ºF)
• Can be grown inside under grow lights (

with temps above 70ºF) 
• Seed has been fermented & tested for ideal germination
• Open Field and Hand Pollinated
• Approximately 12 seeds p/packet

Grow your health gardening these fantastically productive little tomato plants!