Monnopa Heirloom Low-Acid Spinach Variety

Monnopa Heirloom Low-Acid Spinach Seed (Very Rare)

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Monnopa Heirloom Low-Acid Spinach is known as one of the sweetest tasting of all spinaches that can have leaves that grow up to 8" long. This particular variety of spinach is high in vitamin A, C and E and low in oxalic acid — foods low in oxalic acid help to relieve various gastrointestinal symptoms such as heartburn, ulcers and acid reflux disease. 

Spinach is a cold loving plant. Spinach grows best when temperatures range between 60°F and 65°F. To learn more about growing spinach, learn more from this article we wrote on Grow Your Health Gardening.

Did you know that Spinach has consistently made the EWG's Dirty Dozen List and was number 2 on the list in 2020?

Grow your own spinach from seed and keep your body safe from unnecessary pesticide exposure! We show you how to grow it here on the Grow Your Health Gardening web site.


• Heirloom Rare Variety
• Hydroponic Growers: Plant 2 seeds p/ 1.5” rock wool cube
• Grow outside, full sun, during the cool season (nightly temps above 50ºF) 
  May begin to bolt (go to seed) when temps go above 85ºF
• Can be grown inside under grow lights (with temps above 60ºF) 
• Seed has been tested for ideal germination
• Open Field
45-60 Days to Maturation
• Approximately 12 seeds p/packet